The British people to vote on final Brexit deal!

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The referendum vote was in principle about staying in or leaving the EU. It was NOT about what Britain's future relationship with Europe will look like as a consequence. No detailed information was provided about the different options available and what each route will mean for you and your family's future.

Before a decision is made that will affect generations for decades to come, this petition simply requests that the British people are provided with:

  1. timely advance notice of the terms of the negotiated Brexit deal (if any);
  2. a clear explanation of the implications of that deal (or "no deal") for their everyday lives (such as its impact on the UK economy and growth, job security, funding available for public services such as the NHS and benefits, cost of living, interest rates, pensions ….)
  3. a comparison of those impacts with alternatives such as i) the "no deal" scenario and ii) remaining in the EU or iii) EFTA so everyone can assess those costs and benefits in context; and
  4. the opportunity to have a final and meaningful say in advance of 29 March 2019 as to whether they want:
    a) the proposed Brexit deal to go ahead;
    b) to go ahead with no deal (if applicable);
    c) to pursue an alternative route such as EFTA or EEA; or
    d) to remain in the EU.

At the moment, only Parliament can vote to accept/reject the proposed deal on a binary choice: accept the deal or leave with no deal at all!  The "no deal" scenario will be catastrophic for the UK economy and deny opportunities for you/the next generations. It cannot and should not be risked as a default option. In such circumstances, the UK public should have the chance to reconsider whether Brexit should go ahead and, if so, on what terms. That final vote will then inform MPs as to what the will of the people really wants... on an informed basis.

Ask that your voice is heard - don't leave your/your children's future to chance!

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