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My name is Laura Elizabeth Charleston, I am from the UK and I am diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. I am one of many people worldwide suffering from a deadly Eating Disorder and I wouldn't want others to go through the same. Therefore, I have begun this petition with the hope of making a positive change to the harmful things which are accessible online. 

As an Eating Disorder sufferer, I have become aware of harmful and toxic websites and accounts over Instagram and Twitter (mainly) which play a role in glamourising Eating Disorders of all kinds. Not forgetting to mention the "Pro Ana" websites which are easily accessible to people of all ages online. Photos of thigh gaps and protruding ribs linger on these sites, brainwashing people into thinking that this is the definition of beauty. These accounts are sickening and are set to encourage others to lose weight in the most unhealthy way, by engaging in behaviours such as starvation, purging and over-exercising. The accounts encourage sufferers to hold on to their ED's which only worsens the issues. 


Anybody is free to access these sites and accounts, which promise you thinness and perfection if you minimise yourself to a small fraction (if any) calories per day. They support people killing themselves and it's a growing community because people get roped in to the horrific lies they are constantly told. And I feel that they need to be banned in order to stop spreading negative messages and tips about Eating disorders, due to the fact that they are fatal and these sites help to worsen sufferer's situations. We should be working to promote healthy lifestyles, not lifestyles that bring you nothing but pain and misery, loneliness and weakness. 

These Pro Eating disorder accounts support and glamourise these illnesses and it's horrific to say the least. I've heard of people dying because they've followed this "advice" so strictly. People are vulnerable and can easily become addicted to the things they see and read on these sites, causing them to compare themselves to other sufferers and causing their health (physical and mental) to deteriorate even further. 

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness, which is why we need to put an end to things like this which have a negative impact, and contribution, to them. We need to begin to break the stigma and take these diseases seriously. It's time to take action and protect people by taking these sites and accounts offline. Society is already filled with rules about dieting and how you should look a certain way - we don't need people like this adding to the severity of eating disorders and the devostating impact they have.

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