That Judge Marson QC be criminally investigated with intent to prosecute him.

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Priorities are now extremely warped in our society. Authorities harass, intimidate and criminalise heroes, yet ignore establishment figures who contribute to the creeping erosion of hard fought and gained inviolable human rights. A fair and just legal system, which treats everyone the same, with no exceptions, is of the utmost importance to a civilisation and nation that will evolve in the right direction. 

Judges CANNOT be above the law. Especially when one considers the responsibility that they have, the power they wield, and the harm they can cause. Reckless and malicious actions which would easily constitute a crime, if performed by anyone else, should also result in criminal prosecution of those who sit as guardians of the law. 

Leaving aside other nations, the legal system in the UK is oppressive, over bearing, one sided, unjust, intimidating, hypocritical, privileged, and extremely powerful. There is so much wrong with it, that it is amazing that nothing is done about it. The law is no longer the proverbial "Ass" that Lord Denning famously claimed it to be; it is a sick, demented, rotting, and terminally ill "Ass." And a start would be to begin holding those within the system accountable in the same way that those outside the system are.

To put it mildly, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC was not flawed in his actions and his decision, in wilfully depriving Tommy Robinson of his liberty, and thereby subjecting him to a malicious and draconian punishment which has undoubtedly harmed him (Tommy Robinson) both physically and mentally. He acted criminally - in that he knowingly abused his power, conspired with others to pervert the course of justice, and conducted a course of action that constituted criminal harassment. In fact (and ironically), his criminality should now immediately suspend him and preclude him from judging any more cases. That absolutely necessary course of action jeopardises (although strictly speaking not if he can be immediately replaced) the child grooming trial at the centre of this debacle.

We will continue to have an appalling and abusive legal system in this country until we start criminally prosecuting agents of that system when they perform criminal acts.

It is not a case that Judge Marson QC needs to be subjected to disciplinary procedures (although that should also take place); but that he needs to be subjected to the full force of the criminal law. He has committed a crime, and his position as a judge should not only NOT protect him; it should subject him to harsher punishment for bringing our legal system into disrepute.

Arguably, his actions also constitute an act of treason in so far as they betray the nation. A nation is its laws and its citizens. Nothing more and nothing less. And he has betrayed both. And the last time I looked - treason still had the death penalty (along side assassination of the monarch). 

Whilst it is not proposed here that he be subjected to that, it should serve to emphasise the immediate need to act quickly in protecting our legal system from the serious threat(s) posed by the actions of people like Judge Geoffrey Marson QC, who arguably cause more harm to our freedoms and society than perpetrators of despicable and heinous crimes.

Given Prime Minister Theresa May's appalling record as Home Secretary, and her even more lamentable record as the Prime Minister; I do not expect her, or the establishment to act responsibly, or reasonably, on this matter without a momentous act of persuasion forced upon her (and them) by massive public pressure. 

Therefore, whilst it is primarily in order to protect our civil liberties, our rights, our freedoms, and our legal system that this petition is initiated; it is also because the elite, powerful, and influential lobbyists behind our protected establishment figures, and our weak and ineffective media, threaten our society to such a degree, that a popular seismic democratic shock is needed to start loosening the entrenched privileges operating behind the scenes, in order to bring about a new, and long over due, intellectual revolution.

If you truly care for our legal system as the primary protector of our civil liberties and freedoms - then please sign this petition. 

Alas I fear that nothing short of at least 5,000,000 signatures will suffice - such is the extent of the rot and resistance to a shift in power today. However, I thank each and every one of you who does sign this petition. Every one vote for this movement is a real step closer to change.