Take immediate action against Romford Conservatives for whipping up racism

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UPDATE: CCHQ claim leaflet

A spokesperson from the Conservative party has told the media: “Romford Conservatives intended to highlight local concerns... They have apologised for any offence caused and the leaflet has been withdrawn.” HOWEVER one of the three councillors who put the leaflet out, Damian White, said that it was approved by Conservative HQ before it went to the printers. He denied it was in any way racist, as did local Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, who also said the leaflet could not be withdrawn as all the copies had been delivered. If this leaflet was indeed approved by Tory HQ, this is a very serious matter for the national party. So far neither the national party or local association have replied to questions about this. WE WANT TO KNOW: 1) Was the leaflet approved by Tory HQ? 2) If so will an investigation be launched into how this happened? 3) What disciplinary action will the councillor and MP standing by the leaflet face? Please keep sharing the petition - let's keep the pressure up to demand action!

Stand Up To Racism
3 years ago