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Tackling Bullying at an early age

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I and many others would like to see a change in the law with respect to bullying. I would like to see it being made a criminal offence carrying a judicial sentence and compensation given to the injured victim.

The victim has to endure daily abuse either physical or mental that leads to damaging their self esteem and their ability to function normally. It affects their right to a safe education thus denying them of a decent future. It can ultimately lead to death in extreme cases.

The bully is able to get away with their actions as there are no hardfast punishments and schools are limited in what they can action. Isolation and demanding the perpertrator says sorry is not good enough, in fact because sanctions are so soft the bully becomes almost invincible and often steps up their campaign.

Making this a recognisable crime with a judicial sentence. Having a criminal record in place and compensation for the victim may just act as a deterrent or at the very least give the victim a source of protection.

And let us just really think about this, is it a crime? There is a perpertrator or group of perpertrators, there is a clear victim. The victim is harrassed on a daily basis either physically/verbally/ mentally to the point that it affects their ability to function normally. The bullying crime continues on the internet targetting the victim in an extreme way exposing them against their will to a mass audience. Yes this is a crime, review the law, make it punishable.

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