New Law to ban & strike off Judges, Teachers & Schools from acting as political activists

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Strike off teachers, judges and investigate and prosecute schools who are abusing their power and are seen to be acting as political activists and pushing a political agenda instead of doing their job. This should also result in jail time for the individuals abusing that power. Why is this important for all of us?

Judges have often abused their power and sentence based on their own political beliefs rather than dealing with the issue at hand. Identity politics is a major part of this. As far as I am concerned a murderer is a murderer a rapist is a rapist and a pedophile is a pedophile and a thief is a thief regardless of the colour of someone’s skin, their religion or age. A crime is a crime and the punishment should always fit that crime. We cannot have one rule for one person and one rule for another with the only reason being that of their identity. For far too long judges have been abusing their power and it is time we as the people reign them in and hold them accountable for abuse of that power and not let them act on a personal political basis. Any judge seen to be doing this should be struck off and given jail time.

Why Teachers? When you drop your kids off to school you want them to be in safe hands, knowing that what they are being taught is both accurate and appropriate. Anything that is personally politically motivated by the teacher must be kept out of schools. Again for far too long Teachers and Headteachers have been abusing that power. The children in schools are the leaders of tomorrow therefore any form of forced information and any political opinion of the teacher must be kept neutral.  Again any teacher seen to be influencing thier students with thier own political opinion should be struck off and given jail time as that is not teaching that is activism. The school should also be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted if need be.

By doing this it could stop ANY FORM OF RADICALISATION WITHIN OUR SCHOOLS AND COURTROOMS. Judges and teachers should not be able to abuse their power to push any political agenda on the public and especially not our young. They are NOT politicians it is NOT thier jobs and personal politics has no place in the courtroom or the classroom. 

Let me take you back to Nazi Germany. Brainwashing starts off in schools if you allow schools to freely push a political agenda this is exceedingly dangerous. Even if you believe this will never be the case prevention is better than cure and if the school system in this country claims they are innocent then having a law which prevents this from happening still shouldn’t be a problem.

It is important for everyone from all communities that our Judical system is indeed Just and fair for all people regardless of race, religion and age. It is important that identity politics is removed from that system. 

It is also important that our children are provided with politically neutral schooling to allow for freedom of thought and to rid the risk of an authoritarian state. 

We need to purge both the school system and our justice system of corruption. 

Our goverment must stand up and listen to us. We are the tax payer it is high time we remind them that they work for us. 



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