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Stop using schools as Polling Stations

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I have two concerns regarding this.

My first is regarding polling stations in schools whilst a school remains open to children and staff. This means that access is to the premises is open to the general public. I would question the safety of this. I do not understand why it is necessary to use a school as a polling station. Sadly, with the latest attacks that are happening in the UK I would like to think that our children are at their safest whilst at school however with the general public being allowed access to the school site I can't see how safety and security is monitored.

My second concern is, other schools around the UK have to close during elections for use as polling stations. This is extremely disruptive to children's education and costs parents in terms of lost earnings, annual leave or childcare.  

Every year schools are closed to be used as polling stations during local elections, general elections and referendums, causing disruption to education and cost to parents. Given that the government has placed such high importance on school attendance (fining parents £60 for a day missed) it is hypocritical closing schools to save money during elections, particularly when the cost falls on parents. Schools cannot remain open with the general public on the premises so alternatives should be foundT

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