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Stop train companies like Virgin forcing customers with tickets to pay twice for fares

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Train companies like Virgin should not be allowed to demand law-abiding customers who can provide proof of purchase from their own systems (e.g. email/app) to pay again for a fare or be thrown off the train because they haven't printed off a ticket. 

How many customers are being ripped off being forced to pay twice for fairs? It happened to me and two others in one carriage alone on a Virgin journey to Liverpool to London. I refused to pay the £170 being demanded when I had provided proof I'd paid my £80 fare. I was met with the police in Euston and issued a £159 penalty notice (not by the police, issued by Virgin staff). I was told it if I didn't provide my details I'd be arrested. This is DAY LIGHT ROBBERY.

Additonally, the train manager upset a lone, teenage girl (who had proof of purchase) by threatening to throw her off the train very late at night. This is endangering people - sometimes late at night ther may not be another train!

A quick search on twitter reveals Virgin's new app has problems and people are now struggling to buy and access e/m-tickets. I prefer to buy m-tickets but it wouldn't let me for that journey. Why should the customer be penalised because a huge rich company can't sort its technology out?!

And there's often very few ticket collection machines at major stations which causes problems for commuters collecting tickets at rush hour. Lack of machines and few staff, yet again customers are being penalised and fined. 

What other companies refuse to accept their own systems' proof of purchase as actual proof of purchase from customers and force you to fork out again, leave you stranded or treat you like a criminal? Only train companies!

Please sign and share because this is not acceptable! Virgin is ripping us off! 


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