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Stop the Universal Credit Roll out and scrap this abhorrent benefit

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I am very much a believer, like my dear parents, that you can judge the cut of a society's jib by how it treats its most vulnerable members.

Universal Credit was created by Iain Duncan Smith as a welfare reform to incentivise work. However it is not doing that. It is driving our most vulnerable and poorest members of society to homelessness, food banks and suicide.

It has been fraught with problems and is costing billions to implement.

Eight out of 10 tenants in social housing put onto Universal Credit fall into rent arrears or increase pre-existing arrears.
Families that cannot manage the required 42-day wait before the first payment are routinely referred to food banks by housing associations and local MPs.
Processing delays additional to the formal wait force some claimants to wait as long as 60 days for a first payment.
The number of private landlords willing to take on benefit recipients declined sharply due to uncertainty over the system.
An official inquiry has been launched due to problems with universal credit. In mid October 2017 Theresa May said the six week delay would continue though many MPs including some in her own party are uneasy. Southwark and Croydon councils did a study and found substantial increase in indebtedness and rent areas among claimants on Universal Credit compared with claimants on the old system. Referrals to food banks increased, in one case by 97%. Devastating results are feared if Universal Credit is introduced nationwide without changes.

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