Stop the Retailers and Government placing their Profits Before People.

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The Facts!

The UK Retailers and even our own Government are both guilty of putting their profits before people.

The UK produces a staggering 13 billion single use plastic bottles every year, seeing only a third being recycled. Waste plastics are now making their way into our oceans and being consumed by the very fish that end up on our dinner plates.


“It’s all about the Money"

Retailers are fully aware of the alternatives to single use plastics and so are we. So why are they not adopting them to help us clean up our plastic filled oceans?

Plastic is far cheaper to make than the new greener alternatives and that my friends is the bottom line.

The Shareholders

Retailers need to satisfy their Shareholders and that’s precisely why they’ll continue churning out 100 million tonnes of toxic plastic waste each year, until they replace the oceans fish with a sea of plastic.

The Best till last!

Our very own Government is not only allowing them to continue doing this, but they are benefiting from the deal too.


Through the taxes they reap!

Taxes from the profits that are made from the very plastic that is now choking our oceans.

With your help we can stop them together!

After all, they are 100% responsible, so let’s make them take 100% of the responsibility.

By joining our petition, you’ll be helping us put direct pressure on the Retailers and Government to stop putting their Profits Before People.

Your support will also help us clean up our oceans, by seeing a total ban on single use plastics in the UK.

Thank you so much for your amazing support!

Matthew x

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