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Stop the Persecution of British soldiers who did their duty

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The Irish Government and police authorities continue to persecute British Soldiers for their actions in Northern Ireland during the "Troubles"

The "Troubles" were in fact a very dirty civil war where the IRA dressed as civilians, mingled with the regular population and took on British Forces and Bombed and Murdered Soldiers and Civilians in all parts of Europe.

The IRA in spite of their proven involvement in bombing and outright murder and assassinations (Even the Royal Family were not spared when the IRA blew up the boat on which Lord Louis Mountbatten was fishing from) were incredibly given Royal Pardons from any liability by Prime Minister Tony Blair....

I want an end to these persecutions of British soldiers who were doing their duty in Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister May I want you to grant Royal Pardons to all British soldiers who served in Northern Ireland during the so called "Troubles". If IRA Murderers can have Royal Pardons.. Why not our own soldiers who were dong their duty as directed by the Government of the UK


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