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Stop the government failing children with mental health problems

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I am campaigning for 10 things that need to change to the child and adolescent mental health system in the UK. ( CAMHS)  My daughter has been let down by CAMHS and their inability to be able to refer my daughter anywhere as the services she needed were not there or were closed due to funding

 MY 10 aims are

1, Every A&E and children's ward to have a CAMHS trained nurse on shift at all times.

 2 CAMHS to have national standards for services. For example wrap around care and on -call to be 24 hours nationally.

 3 Money that is allocated to CAMHS from NHS England to be ring-fenced and accounted for.

 4 That every child that is referred to CAMHS receives an assessment entry appointment within at least 6 weeks ( urgent should be within a week )

 5 That every child that needs an inpatient bed receives one locally.

 6 Outreach services to include day centres, respite care and a safe space to be and a therapeutic environment.

 7 Every school to have a trained and dedicated person for mental health, with mental wellbeing and mental health first aid to be on the curriculum.

 8 Parents to have a local support network and a single point of access to services for the whole family.

 9 Third sector charity's to be given the funding necessary to support the services and the users

 10 Clear pathway for treatment for every young person from school, GP, CAMHS, third sector , tier 4 and beyond.



In the past 2 .5 years my child has had 7 stays in a children ward, has had the needed therapy put back and dates changed around 4 times , has spent 6 months on an eating disorder unit,  has had a 10 month stay on a tier 4 CAMHS unit, has been moved to a low secure unit, has taken 6 overdoses, has significantly  cut her arms, has tied 100’s of ligatures, has escaped from  a tier 4 inpatient CAMHS unit, took 3 packlet of tablets and found in the road trying to get run over, has taken an overdose on a children’s ward,  has been restrained and injected countless times, has banged her head against a wall its left a permanent scabby scar on her forehead  that’s lead to possible brain injuries has inserted staples into her arm , then was left for 5 days before staff took her to A&E which resulted in an infection and a two hour operation that was cancelled 3 times to remove. My child has been told, “ you’re medically fit, to behave, to stop acting up, there is no more help” , when taken an overdose on a children’s ward was shouted at by a nurse as “ was looking after an unwell child next door”

There are so many shocking stories about other young people and children I at first thought it must be us that were being let down, but it seems its thousands.

Having been through this and still in the middle of this with my daughter I’ve written to MP’s ministers, Jeremey Hunt, NHS England, and nothing has really changed. I’ve been contacted by many other parents in similar situations and young people that have been through the CAHS service and its truly a shocking picture.

When your child tries to take their own life you would assume that all systems are go!! That the support and help, the therapy , the Drs, nurses, therapy and the things you need to get your child well are there, but they aren’t.

 Can you imagine taking a child with a broken arm to A&E and being discharged with it still broken and no treatment or support and told just use the other one? , try some distraction from the pain… it wouldn’t happen, but it seems its ok to do that with a child with a mental health  problem. ITS NOT!!!! Pain is Pain!

I’ve set up a group called PEACE of Mind (Parents/people Engaged in Action for CAMHS Effectiveness on facebook and our e-mail is  I'm  trying to get an army of people who want to fight for the rights of children and their mental health.


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