Stop the ban on plastic straws

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Michael Grove has stated that he wants to banned plastic straws to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the sea and is getting lots of support on this matter. I understand the need to reduce the amount of plastic that gets into our seas and it makes me upset seeing it damaging the wildlife. However, the UK government needs to recognise there is some plastic items which are total necessary. Plastic straws are one of these and would make life so much harder for hundred, if not thousands of disabled people across the UK.

The Friends of the Earth plastic campaigner,  Julian Kirby has said: “Plastic straws are wasteful, completely unnecessary and pose a real threat to our wildlife. As a disabled person, I find plastic straws completely necessary day to day, without them I find them hard to drink as my hands are unsteady. They make me independent as without them, I would need help to have a drink. I find paper straws utterly useless and hard to drink from as I dribble so it ends up wet and squash so I can't use it. This is the same for many disabled people. Plus, re-usable straws are really unhygienic as they are impossible to clean thoroughly

I would like the government to recognise plastic straws as an essential accessibility aid, that make lots of disabled people’s lives easier and makes them independent. I want them to stop the ban on plastic straws and look for other ways to reduce our plastic waste. Also I would like to see more plastics being recycled across the UK (not just in certain areas) so that necessary plastics don’t end up in our seas and harm our wildlife.

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