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Stop the Abuse on the Vulnerable and Elderly and bring Justice for all Part 2

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We want to ask Teressa May why Liverpool Care Pathway is still in place and has not been removed only rebranded to Swan Pathway for those of you who do not know about  LCP/Swan pathway it is a government initiated policy that pays for every dying patient registered on it including cash incentive which is just sick. (You may know it as end of life care) People are not objects or a piece of dead meat they have a right to life regardless of age, race or religion. At the Care Home our loved one was residing in we experienced heartache and dishonesty at the highest levels possible. They took are loved ones right to life away. Right to life is a God given right and should not be bargained with. They lied to us about our loved ones condition and claimed our loved one who was fit and well and always ate his food had stopped eating food and drink and was now dying because of his dementia illness. A whistleblower at the home whispered to us that she thinks our relative is poorly because of the sore we were unaware of any sore and when we undressed dad we saw the grade 4 pressure sore that had just been left untreated and rotted and not discussed to us the family. We were horrified and rushed him to hospital but because he was registered on LCP/Swan Pathway unbeknowing to us. This was the reason he was then discriminated against and refused emergency treatment for 3 weeks. We believe Drs/consultants are paid a very good wage so what is the reason for this extra money for greedy gain using vulnerable and eldearly patients...its not on and it needs to stop
We noticed that the elderly and the vulnerable have been targets for this systemic culture taking place in UK care homes and hospitals. It has been covered up for too long and is nothing more than attempted murder.
Why can't the elderly have the dignity, treatment and respect they deserve so that they can grow old gracefully and happily in their last days.
Many have worked all their lives like our loved one and have paid into the system so its not that they are asking for free treatment it is their paid right. We want the government to see all that had been hidden from us and address the above by means of ending Swan Pathway for good, making sure staff are trained to a high standard in care homes, Drs and consultants involved with Swan Pathway are penalised by being struck off and  paying back for taking cash incentives and money for patients, Local Authorities and CQC are penalised and brought to justice for not taking investigations and appropriate action to protect the vulnerable, CQC also needs to change its policy as they do not protect staff that speak out about wrong actions in the workplace. This all needs to be addressed so grieving families can have justice. This behaviour only promotes hate crime. Where is the love? Where is the Fairness? Where is the British Standard? We cannot be promoting peace and good practice to other countries yet this is taking place on our front door. Medical mal practice that is well and truly out of control. Somebody needs to put a stop to it and  this is what we expect the Government  to stand up and do for the sake of this nation. Please sign the petition if you agree.

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