Stop takeaway food outlets being able to supply alcohol by home delivery

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Alcohol abuse is an ever growing problem in today's society, made worse by people being able to obtain it far easier than ever before.

Those wishing to purchase it don't even have to leave their houses, with online ordering Apps on their mobile phones and devices they are but a few clicks away from getting their next fix.

The photo of the empty bottles was the result of an eight-day binge drinking session by the person I am trying to help and was all supplied through the online home delivery App's. In the past two years, there have been more than a dozen such binge drinking sessions, some worse than this, all have resulted in the person being admitted to A&E for treatment and detox.

It seems that nearly every takeaway outlet is now signed up to these Apps, like, Just Eat, Hungryhouse, to mention just a couple of these Apps. As long as the customer orders some food, it can be as little as a portion of chips or a beef burger, they can get alcohol too.

Just a few weeks ago I intercepted a delivery to the person I am trying to help. They had ordered a just a small amount of food to get 3 x 70cl bottles of vodka. This person has a mental health condition which they have tried to block by, 'self-medicating' with alcohol. The problem is because this has been going on for a number of years, alcohol abuse, or dependency has now become the main issue.

Before this way of buying alcohol was available the only way of obtaining it was to physically go out and purchase it from the supplier. Now once the person with the alcohol abuse problem gets to the stage of being unable to physically go out and get more all they have to do is log on to their App and get more delivered to them at home.

This has made my job of trying to limit the amount of alcohol available to them almost impossible because as soon as I manage to stop one supplier they move onto the next one. I have spent the last eighteen months calling at these outlets and pleading with them not to supply any more alcohol to this person. 

I managed to get the person to sign a letter of 'Self Exclude', which went to the local licensing officer. They then sent a copy of this to all the known licensed outlets in our area, advising them not to continue supplying the named person. Most have complied but some are still ignoring this order and continuing to supply alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is costing the already overstretched NHS hundreds of millions of £'s each year. The police and ambulance services are having to spend many more millions dealing with the direct effects of excessive alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse not only wrecks the life of the person drinking it but the lives of the nearest and dearest relations and friends trying to help and support them through it.

The aim of this petition is to get the licensing laws changed and remove alcohol licenses from fast food outlets which supply this home delivery service. 


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