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STOP student loans being based on parents income

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This petition is to stop university student finance allowance being based on parents income.

Its ridiculous that student finance is based on parents income. To attend university you have to be over 18. In this country you are classed as an adult when you become over 18. So why when you apply for student finance is it based on parental income. University students are encouraged to be independent but this system seems to be the opposite of that.

Just because a students parents earn over a certain pay bracket why should this decide how much money the student can be loaned. Not all parents will want to make up the difference in money and just because they earn more money doesn't necessarily mean they can afford to give their child money.

I have friends that are getting a smaller loan than me, a loan so small it doesn't even cover the cost of the accommodation. It's absolutely ridiculous. Their parents cannot afford to make up the difference and therefore they are forced to get a job to pay their way through uni. Whereas other students are given a larger loan and are able to pay for their accommodation, food, clothes, entertainment, etc.

Finally, it's the students who have the debt and have to pay it back, not their parents.

A students loan should be based on the students income, not their parents.

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