Stop spending money on foreign aid and use the funds to fix our crumbling NHS

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Last year £13.4 BILLION was simply taken from the citizens of the United Kingdom and just handed over to other countries while 50,000 people had operations delayed or even CANCELLED in February 2018 by the NHS due to lack of beds and an overwhelmed A&E department yet our government gives away a huge amount every year to countries that will never repay the debt

British people should be put first, it is not our responsibility to take care of other countries, let their own leaders and governments take care of their own people and put our funds back into our NHS by creating new or increasing the size of existing A&E departments country wide

Why should the citizens of the United Kingdom suffer when such a large amount is wasted every year

Where does the money go?
About 15% goes as humanitarian aid, or crisis relief, with the rest focused on strategic or long-term goals.

36% of the money goes via multilateral organisations, like the United Nations. The other 64% goes to programmes in specific countries as bilateral aid.

The five biggest recipients of bilateral aid are Pakistan, Syria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Afghanistan. When it comes to continents, significantly more gets spent in Africa (51%) and Asia (42%) than anywhere else.

The Department for International Development (DfID) is responsible for most of the UK’s aid spending. They spend 74% of our ODA target; the rest is spent by other government departments and organisations.

If you are unhappy with your hard earned tax being spent in other countries that does not benefit the UK then please sign and share this petition we MUST put an end to this extravagant spending