stop social services needlessly removing children from loving homes.

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please take a moment to read this petition as this could so easily happen to you or someone you love. i never in my wildest dreams thought i would be where i am now. on the 2nd august 2017 a court order was made to have my 14 year old daughter removed from our care. the decision was made after a 4 day trial which was based on lies and assumptions. evidence was given from social workers, a guardian and an 'expert' who had very little contact with our family and the 'expert' had only met with my daughter once. the 'expert', dr juliet butler, a child psychiatrist, came to the conclusion that my daughter should be removed because she was sat on her phone, fixing her hair and she sighed. when i asked for a second opinion, a child psychiatrist of my choosing, i was completely ignored. the trial was a joke, we where told the judge had already made up her mind before we had even given our evidence. once the order was made my daughter ran and went into hiding, she was devastated. on the 3rd of august after working a 13 hour day, i returned home to find police everywhere. riot vans, a dog handling unit and a big red key to smash our door off.  the police wanted to know where our daughter was and because we wouldn't say, both myself and my partner where arrested for neglect even though at this point she was in the care of the local authority. we where kept in the cells for 17 and a half hours and our home was turned into a crime scene. my 20 year old son and 16 year old daughter and my 2 very large dogs where ordered from their home and thrown out onto the streets with nowhere to go. they where not allowed home until the following afternoon. after a massive hunt including police helicopters and articles in local newspapers claiming she was missing they eventually captured my daughter. she was taken over 100 miles away to a care home. after being mistreated at 'the oaks' childrens home in leceistershire, she was moved even further away. since she has been removed my daughter has been in hospital 4 times for self harming and suicidal thoughts. she has no education, no friends and does nothing all day. we where denied seeing her on christmas day although we where assured this would be happening by our social worker, michelle gooding. why was she removed? good question, because i dont really know. we have been told its because of her having an implant fitted, which can legally happen without a parents consent. the friends she was hanging around with, her being a little challenging at school and because of our non-engagement. none of which are grounds to remove a young lady.  since she has been removed we have seen our daughter for 2 hours and 52 minutes. when we call our social worker we are ignored and lied too. i have not spoken to anyone with regards to getting her home since last year. we where supposed to see her today but yet again any contact we try and make is ignored. my daughter wants to come home, she burst out crying and begged judge simon oliver to let her come home but he just threw his hands around saying he makes the descisions. we are no longer entitled to legal aid, when they are trying to steal your child you automatically get it but once they are stolen you have to pay for it yourself. i dread to think how much this has cost the tax payer, but what is even more worrying is that if my daughter can be removed for such ridiculous reasons, how many other childrens lives are being destroyed by a corrupt system. the statistics say it all. looked after children do not fare well. lets put an end to this scandal. there is so much more i could add, please help us and the many other families affected by this injustice.

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