Stop schools making up there own uniform rules!

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Schools are makeing up there own rules. Some are requesting children have to where a minimum of £50 shoes. All black costs including the lining, no hair products, logo tops only that not all parents can afford. Girls not aloud to where  Alice bands and are not allowed to wear trousers in the winter.  Every school is different and every school have their own individual rules, however some schools are taking this to the extreme and are telling children and their parents that they cannot wear warm clothes over there blazer as when they are in uniform they represent the school  yet if the child is being bullied outside the school gates the school will tell you it is not their problem as it is not on school grounds.  The power has gone to there head you are not allowed to wear studs in some schools you are not allowed to have gel or any hair products in some schools you must wear a black coat only in some schools. Parents respect the rules and trying to get as close to what the list tells you to buy in some cases the parents cannot afford to do this if the school has requested logo only tops. Some schools are saying that the children cannot wear a particular style of shoe as it is classed as a trainer yet if that same shoe is worn for PE they are told it is not a trainer. Some schools request that boys need to have a minimum of number 1/2 cut hair style. Girls have to where there hair in a particular style.  All these roles do not affect their education what happened to the child being individual why they still followed the rules?? Lets put a stop to this now!