Stop School Budget Cuts from ruining your education

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In the  UK we have been experiencing many school budget cuts. Due to this schools are not able to educate their students properly as they don't have enough staff and due to a lack of funding.

Due to budget cuts:

Staff are not being payed a lot and are leaving or the they have to leave due to the school not being able to pay them their wages. 

School's can no longer afford extra curricular based activities and cannot afford to go on school trips which will limitstudents knowledge.

Student's are not being taught properly due to a lack of equipment .

Schools cannot afford to get private lessons for children with special needs which result a in lots of children not going school

If there are no budget cuts:

Students can achieve their dreams and reach their full potential.

Students are the future of our country therefore we will secure a better and brighter future for our nation.

It will accquire many jobs: lawyer,barrister,doctor,nurses,engineers and many more which will require education. 

It will shape a brighter future for your children.

By signing this petition you are not only securing a better future for yourself but other people around the country who are not being able to learn because of budget cuts. If this gets 200, 000 signatures I will write a letter to the prime minister to stop budget cuts to school.