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Stop polygamy in the UK, based on religious grounds.

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In the Quran it states that you should 'follow the law of the land'.  In the UK it is illegal to marry more than one person at a time.  There are some who take advantage of the Quran where it states you may 'marry 2, 3 or even 4 wives'.  This was written in a time of battle where there were supposedly not as many men compared to women.

Today, culturally women can feel trapped because they may be divorced or have children.  There is an issue where many men do not wish to marry these 'damaged' women; leaving them feeling like they will be single forever and have no other option than to choose to marry a man who is already married.  Let's change attitudes and educate these men, instead of allowing them to take advantage of these vulnerable women.

Let's stop people like Azad Chaiwala from exploiting women and ban his websites that encourages this too.  If other countries have banned this. We should too.

Also, if it states in the Qur'an you should follow the law of the land, then doesn't this make their religious marriage invalid anyway?

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