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I'm a daughter writing this petition in desperation and in the final hope of stopping the unlawful deportation of my mother, Nahsuirah & father: Sahood Chukoury which could help other people in similar situations. 

My parents were arrested in 2014 for disciplining me, however, in the eyes of the UK law it had gone too far.

I feel the need to stretch on that this is my parents' first ever arrest; they have no previous convictions or criminal records and they both plead guilty at first chance.

Regardless of this, they both received harsh sentences deemed to be manifestly excessive for the nature of the crime (ABH). My parents were granted the right to appeal against the sentence, which has been logged in the courts of appeal. Unfortunately this has not yet been determined. Despite this, there has been numerous attempts from the SSHD to deport them which is against both the Law & Human Rights under the article 8 of the ECHR (European conventions of human rights) of the "Rights of private and family life established".

I am a British citizen aged 18 years old who is currently studying my first year in BA Honors in Criminology at Anglia Ruskin University- Cambridge. As a result of the three years that I have been constantly moved from placement to placement and worked with various workers of the CJS and this drove me to want to pursue a career in the CJS to be an active part of those working to ensure fair treatment of Criminals.  I do not wish anybody to go through what my parents and I went through nor to be treated in such a non-professional demeanor.

I am the person who was assaulted and yet I’m writing this petition in anticipation of getting a final chance to reconsolidate the relationship with my mum and dad, which was abruptly restricted by legal system (probation workers, social services etc.) against my wish.

If my parents are deported, I will be forced to give up my British Citizen Rights and forfeit my place at University. It will have a detrimental effect on my future which is grossly unjust and already it has already had a damaging effect on my studies this year. 

My Mum, My Dad and myself should be allowed one more chance to work on our relationship and be a FAMILY again after 3+ very long years.

To stop this injustice, I would need YOU to sign this petition so that I can be with My Family and at the same time secure my future in the UK.

Thanks to share as much as possible. You might think that your vote is insignificant but there has been numerous cases where illegal deportations have been stopped as a result of support gained by online petitions.

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