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Stop known ISIS terrorists from being treated like heroes by the U.K government

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We heard about Trump kicking many Muslims out of the U.S.A, and that was outrageous. However this is different, the people coming back from fighting in the Middle East as part of ISIS are KNOWN terrorists. But that isn't the only thing, they are being given FREE council houses, being put at the top of the list, and also social welfare payment. What has our government come to that they are doing this? Who's side are they on? As many as twenty THOUSAND terrorists will receive this special treatment, all with the excuse of getting mental healthcare treatment to try and dissuade them away from being a terrorist. What nobody seems to understand is that you can't BRIBE someone to not be a terrorist. They will carry on terrorising our country with the added support of welfare payments to buy weapons and a free council house to hide in. Please sign this petition if you agree that our government is not seeing things clearly. Don't let your view on Muslims get in the way of signing this whatever it may be. This is a petition to stop TERRORISTS from being treated like heroes, not MUSLIMS.

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