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Stop immigration into the UK permanently, then reverse open immigration.

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Since Labour were voted into power in 1997, they ignored their campaign pledge to control immigration, and in fact allowed open, uncontrolled immigration without the permission or input of the public. Send back all non-europeans which have moved here since 1997 to reverse these unwanted changes.

Every ethnoculture has a right to its own homeland. What we are seeing now is a displacement of the white English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh peoples of the British Isles by way of mass immigration into the country, and the markedly higher birthrates of these than the indigenous people. What we are told is that we do not have enough children to support the older generations and, rather than logically promoting our indigenous people to have more children, we are made to accept completely different races and cultures in their place. This was put into place around the same time by governments around all of Western Europe, and can clearly be seen as part of a wider plan, along the lines of globalists such a George Soros.

'Every country must have FIRM control over immigration and Britain is no exception.' -1997 Labour manifesto.
'...immigration rules will remain clear, FIRM and fair.'- 2001 manifesto.
Nothing about letting everyone in, destroying NHS, housing prices.
1997 net immigration was 40,000 per year.
1998, one year after labour, jumped to 140,000 per year!
By 2001 it was 171,000 per year
By the end of Labour's 2nd term 2005, 267,000 a year!
When Blair stepped down in 2007 he left us net 273,000 per year.

We want net migration into the country to be 0. Not the tens of thousands, or even thousands. This is perfectly possible, with foreign aid used instead on strenghtening our border controls. I ask not to send back europeans as they are of the same continent and have similar cultures at least, so integrate. The people who are sent back will not be unfairly treated; they can be allowed to sell their properties and any other assets they have before leaving, and we can organise a good rate of exchange for their ancestral homeland's currency. They can also be encouraged to buy any necessary goods or equipment from British companies before leaving.

What we will see is an enormous drop in house prices, (£30,000 houses again, anyone?) a very noticeable drop in pressure on the NHS, schools, and we may then walk through places like Bradford and feel like we are still in England. Had I walked through Pakistan and seen white people displacing them the same way, I would be almost as horrified.

If those who died in our world wars saw the racial destruction of europe now, they would have put down their weapons. What we want is a homeland for the indigenous people of the UK. Just as any nation would wish, be it India, China, Pakistan etc. Our many ancestors fought for this country, and many europeans died defending this continent. Indians, Pakistanis, Somalians, they did not defend against the incursion of the Ottomans in 1529 at the Gates of Vienna.

So what we need is:

-Send back non-europeans which have flooded in without the public right to hold Tony Blair's government accountable, since 1997

-Organise an exchange of Africans to South Africa for whites of european descent there to be brought here, as a gesture of goodwill towards Africans and to protect them from his persecution.

-Prosecute Tony Blair and all responsible ministers under the United Nations genocide convention for committing a genocide of the UK people by:

b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

Which has been caused by laws against 'hate speech', political correctness, a fear of thinking the wrong way about immigration, racial mixing and race, along with a persecution of nationalists. People are attacked physcially by marxist groups such as ANTIFA and Hope Not hate, due to state education policies of left wing ideological bias.

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

Which he caused by mass immigration for votes, and knowingly bringing in groups to inevitably become the majority by high birth rates, and forcing the label of 'racism' on any sign of cultural pride and love of country and race.

And David Cameron under
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

Which he did by his austerity measures, which enabled only those who had many children on benefits to have the necessary resources for continued births, while hardworking indigenous people could not in good conscience have more children than the measures imposed allowed, and being severe, they allowed  1 or 2 with the possibility of extreme poverty.

-Lastly, we want a national renewal in faith, traditional family and culture and their wide promotion.


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