Stop Gina Miller from meddling with democracy and her desire for a new court case

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Gina Miller is again threatening to call for a people's vote on the Brexit deal, including an option to remain in the EU.  The EU referendum was held, having been agreed by parliament.  Ms Miller went to court about article 50,  and it was then agreed by parliament.

The  government are now in formal negotiations, during which she is causing unrest again. It's as if Ms Miller wants a vote about anything and everything to do with Brexit, and  in other words will not stop until she see's the UK remain in the  EU.  This was not what 17 million people voted for and her threats against democracy are further fuelling divisions and bitter feeling in the country. Enough is enough, and  we feel that Ms. Miller started to respect the will of the electorate and ceased this constant tirade against the  Brexit negotiations. We feel that Ms Miller is using her wealth as a means to get what she wants.  This is not democracy, she is attempting to overturn a decision before it has even gone to its meaningful vote.

We understand that Ms Miller is  wants  us to remain in the EU, however  we  have voted to leave.  We wish to see the government left alone, in order that they  may be able to continue with negotiations and then bring the meaningful vote to Parliament, without all these unnecessary and confrontational  divisive attempts to overturn the Brexit result. We are as passionate about Brexit, as Ms Miller is of remaining in the EU. It needs to be recognised that such destructive intervention is is a hindrance, and not helpful to the overall negotiations.