Stop fake immigration marriage

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A sham marriage or fake marriage is a marriage of convenience entered into purely for the purpose of gaining a benefit or other advantage arising from that status. While referred to as a "sham" or "fake" because of its motivation, the union itself is still legally valid. if it conforms to the formal legal requirements for marriage in that country. Arranging or entering into such a marriage to deceive public officials.

In the United  Kingdom and Europe , sham marriage is increasing in very high rate, victim of this marriages are mostly British and European citizens. The foreign national’s goes after single mothers and single men just for the propose of acquiring the resident permit.  Soon after they have received resident  permit or nationality,they are  walking with from the marriage . There should be Annulment of marriage of  sham marriages by law. victim are left with emotionally and financially damaged. Stop sham immigration marriages  by public awareness .  annulment of this marriages and support to the families and children .