Stop discrimination against sick children!

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I have recently had an incident in my sons school. Every half term if the child receives 97% or above they get to go to the main hall and watch a DVD. 

Through no fault of his own Aeydan needed surgery as he had breathing issues due to severely enlarged tonsils and suffered several cases of sickness due to them. It was decided that he needed surgery. Aeydan was concerned that his school would punish him for being off. I spoke with them who told me as long as he done his work from home that there shouldn't be an issue of him missing the movie treat. 

Aeydan had the surgery and it was successful and he completed all the work that was asked of him. I was told the day before the before the movie treat that the head of Belle Vale primary decided that because he was off for surgery and didn't receive his 97% regardless of still doing the work she felt he didn't deserve to watch the DVD with the other children. He had to watch the other children leave the classroom why he stayed behind. I contacted the school several times and the head has refused to take or return my calls! Why is it ok to upset and discredit my child's efforts through a medical condition! It was approved and authorised so why was he being punished? Why did I have to spend 2hours comforting a disheartened 6yr old boy!? 

I have since wrote a statement which has gone viral and also been covered by the press. It is not just my child or his school where this is taking place I was so saddened reading other people's stories!, seriously sick children are being punished on a regular basis! And the government believes this is ok! 

I have a statement that says that basically they need to be in place to encourage statistics to rise. Punishing a sick child won't make them better! Cllr Nick Small believes that it's only fair because if you was sick in work you would be treated the same way? Would you? Is that discriminating behaviour in the work place? Can we really discriminate people for being ill? 

I do believe education is important and I do believe that children should attend if they are able to. But these are small children being punished for reasons out of their control. They are primary school children they aren't sneaking out after break. They want to learn! 

I am being Made out to be a problem and being made to feel that what I am saying is wrong! I would like you to please support me and sign if you believe that sick children should not be alienated, they should not be isolated from activities because they unfortunately have medical conditions beyond their control! I want people to stand with me and show that I am not one parent we are all in this together and we care! 

Thank you xx

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