Stop companies phoning pensioners and pushing them into contracts or giving money!

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I would like to see an age cap on companies who phone pensioners (aged 65 and over)and push them into purchasing their products eg. Phone contracts, charities, ect.  

Alot of pensioners don't like to say no so feel they have to oblige to keep people happy. Then end up worried sick themselves, because they end up not being able afford what they have signed into. But these people who push them into it don't care, nor the big companies.

Our loved ones should be enjoying their retirement working their lives should be enough! Not getting ripped off more by these vile companies. 

Then trying to get out of contracts can be extremely difficult and cause more money loss and health problems. 

I would like to see our government put a stop to this and help our loved ones not have to worry about getting a phone call and feeling pressured into anything.

I have recently had to help one of my grandparents deal with one of these problems. And it is still on going trying to get out of a contract that was cancelled. But no proof on their side. I wouldn't like to see anyone else's have to go through this or something similar. 

Please sign for them! It's also for our future too.

Thanks everyone.