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Stop calling members of ISIS anything to do with muslims!

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Hello. My name is Jude and I'm a thirteen year old muslim girl. Almost every day I'm seeing news about the terrorist organisation, ISIS. One thing that never fails to catch my eye is the fact that ISIS (Or any terrorists) are often reffered to as "extremist muslims" or "Jehaddists." For the people who don't know, a "Jehadd" is someone who dies in the name of God - and I think we can all agree that terrorists do nothing of the sort.

However, If a Christian, or Athiest commits any crime, nobody ever says, " A Christian terrorist murdered a man today." Isn't it strange that a criminal's religion is never mentioned, unless they are supposedly a "muslim"?

That is why I'm making this petition. I want to campaign to stop all news companies in the UK from calling members of ISIS (or any other "muslim" terrorists) "Muslim extremists" or "Jehaddists", because it's just another way to tarnish Islam's name, and encourages hate crime among the general public. As long as ISIS members are featured as being muslims in any way, all people will think that muslims are bloodthirsty, brutal killers, giving root to many negative misconceptions.

Please sign this petition if you want to stop ISIS from achieving their aim - giving root to terror, anger and prejudice among all people.   

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