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Imagine your family members go out to enjoy the weekend. They never comes home. You are notified by police that she has be ran over, stabbed, or you see her on the six o'clock news as a victim of a bombing. Picture for a moment, your family loved ones becoming a victim of a brutal mass stabbing. Try to imagine the delicacy of life, if you or your family become victims of another 7/7 terrorist attack. One of your children, siblings, or your friends, enjoying the weekend, when all of a sudden you are notified by the police that they have been ran over by a vehicle. Unquestionably, even to ask you to imagine these horrific scenarios is heart-wrenching, but these disturbing and traumatic scenes have destroyed not only the lives of those who fell victim to such terrorist attacks but also the lives of those families and loved ones of the victims to live with such painful and tragic memories. As of recent news, the Government of the United Kingdom has proposed to spend millions of dollars to provide cheap housing, education, and employment for people of murderous ideologies belonging to terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, Tahrir al-Sham, and especially the Islamic State to return back into our midst. According to reports, more than twenty thousand fighters from the UK have joined the terrorist organisation, and they are planning on returning back to our soil. As unfathomable as it may sound, no person of conscience could allow such inhumane beings to return and destroy our lives at the most sudden of moments. Terrorism has no religion, but religion has been instrumental to proselytise men and women to join these criminal organisations to murder human beings. Our country is diverse with all of its faiths, communities, and viewpoints, but we must never acquiesce to any viewpoint that seeks the destruction of the other viewpoints regardless of the ethnicity, religious affiliation, and social and political status of themselves or the group they belong to. I call upon all people of consciences and humanity to take a step for the sake of humanity, for the sake of freedom, for the sake of diversity, liberty, and the future of our people, friends and families to sign this petition to send a message to our government that we demand the apprehension of all those who have joined criminal organisations - especially ISIS members, and to never acquiesce to them at the cost of our lives, freedoms, and hardworking taxpayers money. Your signature on this petition is an emphatic standing against terrorism, destruction, and acquiescence to those who wish to enslave, endanger, and exterminate everything we hold dear. Be a voice for humanity, be a voice against terrorism.

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