Stop absent fathers using children they abandoned to stay in the UK and then leave

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I married abroad in 2012 in Pakistan. Through pressure and emotional blackmail I worked 2 jobs and had no life. No time for myself  Exhausted all to bring him over to England. Little did I know I was only beneficial to help bring him to the UK. I was emotionally abused and used for sex. Brought down and all my family were manipulated by him and made me feel all alone. He lied and swore and made me feel like I'm crazy. I questioned my own sanity I started to suffer from anxiety. I had been physically hit from him on occasion. I paid for everything and worked all week. Being told I had no right to say no to sex. I was ignored and insulted if I didn't feel like it until he broke me down on the inside and I would give in.

I fell pregnant and he rejected me and my baby. He protested he had never laid a finger on me and I would never let him touch me. I went through whole pregnancy alone. Innocent and pregnant and alone even my own family questioned my truths  pressured to take him back In pregnancy feeling afraid of being a single mom. I had our son and got fought with while post natal insulted and ignored for staying with family to feel looked after. I battled my anxiety and sadness. I Injured my knee while our son was 3 months old  He walked away from us both.  Not only in a vulnerable physical state but also mental. I cared s for him and loved him enough for 2 parents even on one leg. No concern for me  That was OK no concern for my son that pushed me and hurt like hell. I cancelled the spouse visa. We never heard from him in months until immigration sent a curtailment visa letter  The next day he wanted to see our son through solicitors to help his application. The application sent. Contact was made no effort was made only Insults and fighting no concern for his child  His love was his visa only. He would only attend and take forceful photo of my son for his visa. This breaks me. Until this day we suffer from this man. Dragging a single mom to court for an order. Working 6 days money all for himself. Staying away for months and making contact then disappearing for months on end.

Stop him using my innocent baby to stay in this country. He has no interest in being a father. Always forcully trying to take photos.  Always shouting and threatening never taken no regard for our son. He didn't want him and stated he wasn't his baby until he needed a visa! 

We Used a contact centre but centre do not want to offer anymore support as they see he has no interest. Why does he get away with this

Arrangements are to be made between us now but already after 1 visit he says its not worth coming to see him. Help to stop him using an innocent 2 year old to stay here. My son deserves a father not a man who is narcissistic and only shows interest for his own benefit. Send him back and give my son a chance in life away from his poison. Please review your human rights laws and do not issue a visa without solid proof of a father's involvement in a child's life  send back S. MUHAMMAD DOB 19.06.86 ARRIVED IN THE UK FEB 22ND 2015. USING My CHILD FOR VISA PURPOSES ONLY A Child whom He Rejected while in my Stomach and walked away from on numerous occasions . CASE REFERENCE DETAILS AVAILABLE.

He has not had a decision on his visa as of yet. He should not be allowed to appeal,  he is not contributing in my sons life at all never financially or emotionally . My sons emotional wellbeing will be extremely affected when his older by a man who just used him to get what he wants . My son doesn't even know who this man is. He has never been a father to this precious boy of mine. He has only wanted access as advised by his solicitor to support his application nothing more. They see the court order as a ticket to staying here. WE as women who are married abroad experience this too often. Then they wonder why we are anxiety suffers. Depression suffers. We require more help from the government and home office to stop this. Do not choose to ignore the convenience of wanting to have access to the child as soon as they need something to help them stay here