Sprinklers to be fitted in ALL high rise buildings

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Sprinklers to be fitted in ALL high rise buildings

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I am one small person in a massive pond hoping to make a difference and save lives. I live in Southampton, and I care about this issue because one of my friends lost a family member in Lakanal House in 2009 and the firefighting community in my home city lost two of their own in Shirley Towers in 2010. I was horrified to wake up to the news about Grenfell Tower and it struck me that lessons haven't been learned and the people who died at Lakanal House died in vain since the learnings of their inquest weren't implemented anywhere else.

"Whether they'd have stopped that fire spreading at the speed it did up the outside of that building is another matter,"

"But to have had sprinklers in that building would have created an environment where it would have been easier to rescue people and increase survivability."

A quote from Jon O'Neill, the managing director of the Fire Protection Association

To that end we, the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to make it a legal requirement for ALL high rise buildings to have adequate fire safety measures installed.

There have been many instances where sprinklers etc could have saved lives, a few examples being:

03/07/2009 – Lakanal House, London – 6 fatalities

06/04/2010 – Shirley Towers, Southampton – 2 fatalities (both firefighters)

14/06/2017 – Grenfell Tower, London – 12 fatalities (could rise)

Please make a change in the law to make it a legal requirement that ALL councils and landlords ensure that ALL high rises of any age have adequate:

Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Doors
Fire Escapes
Fire Sprinklers
Emergency Lighting

This should be done in EVERY high rise in the country, new builds and retrospectively in existing buildings.

Until the law is changed, we urge ALL owners or operators of existing high-rise blocks, including councils, tenant management organisations, social landlords and private owners MUST install sprinklers and other fire safety measures, to ensure there is never a repeat of the above incidents.

How many more lives have to be lost?

It is time to put lives before profit.

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This petition had 228,521 supporters