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Social Services Injustices and Forced Adoption. 7yrs ago i was given a life sentence!

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My son Sean Lewis Dann was illegally siezed and removed from my home from Calderdale Social Services (failed ofsted-top worst 5 social services in the UK) I went into Elland Social Services on Tuesday 12th July 2010 and asked for help-we were sent home. My bneautiful son aged 7 years born 16th July 2003 by myself Miss Janette Dann and Father Mr Anthony Mc Keown (he married his wife Jane 2 months after he found out I was pregnant) He's never had anything to do with Sean. Social Services were NEVER involved with us and I struggled with my sons social behavioural learning difficulties( SEN statemented at Cross Lane Primary School) He previously went to St Patricks School but he was getting bullied by Teachers and pupils and at the time we suffered anti social neighbours for 18 months and suffered intimidation and sleep depravation- Pennine Housing 2000 LTD just kept telling us to fill out log books and keep reporting it. On Thursday 5th August a month later after I had suffered a nervous breakdown whilst at University doing a 3D Architectural Art and Interior Design Course through Leeds University at Calderdale College. Two social workers Julie Ellis and Sandra Shaw along with two Police Officers walked into my home infront of 2 school parents, 4 children. My Dad had arrived, my neice who was nearly 8 Abygail was asleep on the sofa. They blocked me getting to my neice who they'd woken screeaming and my son went to grab a knife after kicking her over. I asked the parents to leave and asked them " Is this how you help people? you come into my home and traumatise everyone?!" Its still so vivid. I took my Seani boy and got his Pinochio teddy'steve' and promised him"Sean I love you to the stars and back, I promise you mum will get you back!" He thought I was giving him away. They wouldn't even let me go with my neice and threatened to put me in jail if i didn't give my sisters address and wouldn't let me go with them. Social worker and Police officer and child in one car and another in another car and seperately interviewed them without a Legal Guardian present. They had no paperwork (Emergency Protection Order) that wasn't granted until 13th August 2010. The Judge in Halifax District Court the next day asked me to stand and stated "Miss Dann, it takes a brave couragous woman to walk into Elland social services knowing what the consequences of your actions were. But what i want to know is why was this woman left a month with no help or intervention which is clearly what she asked for?! I want an investigation- why are the social workers even present?!"

Its just been a constant witch hunt by Calderdale Social Services. They took my life when they took my 7 year old son. They tried to get me done for Secton 47 assault on a minor but there was no evidence. Id had a complete melt down and I suffered what is now a recognised illness ' Empty Nest Syndrome' It was surreal. I tried to rebuild my life. I did everything they said but Calderdale Social Services moved the goal posts all the time, they were never satisfied. My son Sean Lewis Dann is psychologically damaged by them now. He's had 10 social workers, 7 foster care placements, 5 changes of area and 5 different schools and now the state pays £5,000 per week for him to be in a residential unit in Hull-120 miles away from family. It costs them £16,000 year to apply for him to be there. On the 9th Septemeber 2011 at Leeds Magistrate Courts, 3 judges stated "There is nothing to say if Miss Dann adheres to medication within 18-24 months she cannot apply to get her son back, I was already on Depravera Anti Psychotic Injections against my better judgement, I was also having electric shock treatment. I never jeopardised my sons placements or schools and it NEVER ends with them. Calderdale Social Services are intent and adament on trying to keep destroying me?! Why because I have fought them, it doesnt end there!

At the start of 2014 I was seeing what I now know  to be a waste of space Paul Challener from Elland. I was a Mental Health volunteer with Calderdale Womens Centre trying to change the stigmas and attitudes of MH. Campaigning, still seeing my ever changing son. Running and a member of Stainland Lions Running Club. I'd gone to Northern College in Barnsley to do an Introduction into Drug and Alcohol  wareness Course and Mental Health Course. I found out I was pregnant when I went to get the implant which my supposed partner had taken the day off work. It wasn't planned, I was in shock but there was never a doubt I would be keeping my bump/baby and already had names-Rory, I loved my baby from the first moment I found out- Paul Challoner I found out was sleeping about behind my back 8days after my first scan-he told me "why dont you and your baby go drop dead!" It hurt of course-but if he was mine to keep he wouldn't have been so easy to take. I told social services straight away and a Sarah Clancy turned up with shag bites all over her neck at my first meeting. My best friend Heidi Bland was there when she stated "your baby and boy are two seperate cases!" SHE LIED,THEY LIED TO LULL ME INTO A FALSE SENCE OF SECURITY!!!!!!!! All way through my pregnancy they lied they let me and my family have hope,spend a fortune upto the age of 3yrs. I'd become desensitised over everything they had done to my boy and me. They had taken my life,my sons life. Sean was elated, it was short lived. Andrew Parker independent reviewing officer invited putative father without my knowledge on Thursday 19th September 2014 and me and my sister who were the only ones allowed to be in the meeting "your baby will be Forcibly Adopted at Birth because there are no suitable members for unborn Dann!" I hyperventilated when i saw the babys dad and it took the wind out of me them saying that, they got me there to sign my baby away. I fled to Ireland on the 29th Septemeber 2014 like the bag lady of Britain under the cover ofdarkness my frightened parents and friends helped my try sell what we could from my beautiful home of 7 yrs. I had fought so hard. Why were they doing this? £50,000 per child Forcibly Adopted. To save a case to keep my baby proved a case to get my boy-baby gone-boy gone-simple. The guy who helped me Brian Rothery was a conman made things worse for me. I was robbed and dumped and placed in danger. I presented at Ballinasloe Garda Station and recognised on Friday 10th October 2014. The Asperges couple i was staying with had gone looking for me and 4 hrs after i had left had a head on car collision with a wall and Chris Anderson died at the scene. Elaine Slade was pulled from the car saying "we just can't find her, we can't find her!" My baby, by beautiful healthy baby was starved of oxygen at Portiuncula Hospital after i had gone into shock off the epidural and my waters broken 2 days prior, they never scanned me to see why i couldn't deliver. The cord was wrapped around his neck twice. A traveller girl asked me if i was called Janette because she had overheard Catherine Walsh, Julie O'Donnell and Declan Quinn with DCI Damien Lurrs talking about taking my baby at birth in the cafe infront of staff and visitors. I successfully blocked an EPO with Judge Coanl Gibbons at Loughrea Courts Ireland. They appealed and won Thursday 30th October 5 days old they stoile my baby on 'hearsay evidence'. I was discharged with an inflammatory infection and low heamoglobins and collapsed 3wks later with Urosepsis Septeceamea and nearly died-Medical Negligence and because theres a live care case i can't sue!

I took my case to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg fighting Free Movement- an EU article of EU legislation that allows EU members to live and travel freely within the EU-The Child and Family Agency wasted 2.5 million euros fighting me and 1st February 2016 they lost- I WON ON APPEAL-THE RIGHT FOR ME AND MY CHILD TO REMAIN IN IRELAND 'in the best interests of the child' The Child and Family Agency stated Ruairi Paul Dann it would be in his best interests to be repatriated to the UK and now their saying he should be on a full care order, WHY?!

I have done nothing wrong- 'Baby P's mother/killer she was given 3 yrs in jail and a million pound new identity- I was given a life sentence with my boy-they took our lives, then again with my baby. Ruined my families lives, the only good thing to come out of this is my sister is trying to foster my son which wouldn't have been possible if they had Forcibly Adopted my baby. ITS ALL SO WRONG and now their trying to give me another life snetence with my baby too-Give us a pardon, let me have my baby and return to the UK! I have jammed myself up with Free Movement and if I could return to 'my beloved Yorkshire' family, friends, support and life tomorrow i would-its nearly killed me-i tried to take my own life Thursday 19th October 2017 We've nearly been here 4 yrs, it must stop-"IF LOVE AND JUSTICE DON'T PREVAIL THEN WHAT HAS IT ALL BEEN ABOUT?!"

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