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This is a petition to shut down the harmful website named is a website which allows anonymous comments to be left for people, without a way of tracing the writer. I believe this is an extremely dangerous platform because of the ability to remain anonymous; this will lead to cyberbullying without knowing the perpetrator.

There have also been suicides because of this website. In our comment section there are numerous people from all over the UK who have signed because a person took their own life, because of cyberbullying on the site. My heart honestly goes out to anyone affected by suicide; we need to shut down and protect children from vulnerability and harm.  

This is not the only website of this kind.

Last year, there was a petition to shut down, which is the same format as, after the deaths of over thirteen teenagers. These suicides were linked to relentless online bullying, after hurtful comments were left anonymously and repeatedly. Cyberbullying needs to be tackled and stopped-not being given a platform and a voice for the criminals who make teen's lives hell.

That's why I am calling out to the public, as a 13 year old girl with experience of cyber hate, to join with me in demanding change. I am asking you do to two things: 1 is joining me in lobbing our current PM and government for shutting down and doing more to stop cyberbullying; and simply 2:

remember those innocent teenagers tragically lost, as a result of this epidemic of online hate, because of both these websites. We have to do more to change this culture, a culture where it is acceptable to use language to deliberately harm the most vulnerable victims. has no viable feature to report abuse, and even then, many people would not feel comfortable because of the stigma surrounding cyberbullying. We need to shut down this website, and make it harder for companies to profit from social abuse.

Will you join me in a step against cyberbullying? Please share my campaign on social media, and contact me if you want to do more.

thank you.


This petition made change with 2,144 supporters!