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shorten working week

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Nowadays children of a certain age (secondary school children) are put on too much pressure, recently the mps have changed the system so that ages from 11 to 18 have much more work cramped up in their brains, i know this as i am a year 7 student and aren't really coping very well with things as i don't understand the with the amount of things there are to remember. Now i know you're probably thinking that you shouldn't listen to a year 7 student but before you judge my age, read what i have to say. On weekends our ideal day is to lie in bed and go out shopping and doing free things as you're not at school but instead all we think about is homework. homework ruins your family fun day and keeps you non-stop thinking about if the teachers are going to tell you off if you forget. So i'm here to change that. shortening week days and longening weekends will make children gain less stress in their days off. all children ever think about on sundays is "i need to do my homework" or "i dont want to go to school tomorrow" so really to us, sundays are just a normal weekday. but. if we add another day off, like monday or friday then children will feel more free and less stressed. thank you. 

Lucia Packman (aged 12)

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