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Shorten the summer holidays, allow parents to take their child out of school for two weeks

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The summer holiday is far too long, not only are parents forced with the extra costs of childcare and entertainment, the children are extremely bored by the end of it. I find which I feel many people would agree by the time the children are returning to school they have  

I also feel that although children are fed up by the end of the school holidays it is also a very difficult task getting them back into the going to school routine as they have spent to much time away for school. Another factor which I have heard a lot is the fact that children forget things when they have been away from school for so long, which makes every effort the child and those wonderful teachers in July put into learning new things pointless.  

Also, the cost of taking your children on holiday during school holidays is extremely expensive compared to term time. If parents were allowed to take their children out of school for two weeks during the year this would rectify this. Also, it would enable the schools more control on ensuring parents do not take their children out of school at an important time of the year for example in the build up to exams.  

I personally can not afford to take my children on holiday during the summer holidays it is far too expensive, please help the many children like my own be able to have a holiday. 

Although taking your child out of school has an effect on their education I would like to also add that a child going on holiday has a huge benefit for them, they gain quality time with their parents/carers. Also, a holiday can enhance the brain development of a child and build concentration skill.

Please help us this change can benefit families in so many ways. 

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