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Send rescue to migrants in Libya. They are being lynched and sold into slavery. Let's act!


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Dear all,

At this minute, migrants are being killed in Libya in the most barbaric manner imaginable. No mercy is being spared. They are being sold, beaten up and killed. It's more like 'migrant cleansing'. There are reports of many migrants being sold into slavery. Libya is more or less a banana state with militias in charge of daily affairs. Women and children are being raped, abused and killed. And migrants being imprisoned in vile conditions, bent over for days in one spot, crammed in tiny spaces. As fellow humans, we cannot turn a blind eye. Many of these migrants are being exploited by agents and only become aware of what they signed up for when they reach Libya in an attempt to flee poverty in their home countries. These people are vulnerable and videos are circulating of migrants being chopped into pieces, burnt alive and more! We can save lives by pressuring our government to please rescue these migrants by sending military and commercial planes to Libya to transport as many willing migrants as possible back to their home countries. The govt should call on private individuals as well who own private jets to also help. The UK can lead a coalition of countries to save these migrants. Migrants can be language and speech tested to ascertain their country of origin if they do not possess ID. Please help. History will be brutal on us if we stand by and do nothing.

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