Scrap the 'Dementia Tax'

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One in Fourteen people currently suffer from dementia and this number is expected to rise in the future: 30% of people born in 2015 will suffer from dementia in their lifetime.

Despite this, the Conservative Party has set plans to implement a 'Dementia Tax'. This concept is well explained by the Alzheimers society:

"The dementia tax refers to the the enormous injustice in the care system for people with dementia. In the lottery of life, people with dementia are forced to spend hundreds of thousands on care - unlike those with other conditions such as cancer and diabetes. This is because the care that you receive when you have dementia is predominantly social care".

The Conservative Party initially planned to force all people to pay for their own social care until the value of all their assets (including the value of the house) falls to £100,000. After widespread outcry from the public Theresa May has agreed to cap the amount people must spend on social care before the government intervenes. However, this is not enough, sources close to the prime minister suggest that the cap could be as high as 300,000. With the average house price in the UK at £215,000 this still forces the average dementia sufferer to pay over £100,000 in social care bills. People should not be forced to sell their home and spend their savings to battle this disease. We cannot let this outrageous policy stand.

The NHS and free healthcare is a system which we, the British public, cherish. However, it's principle is free healthcare for all and this policy contradicts this core principle. Admittedly the healthcare required to help a dementia suffer is vastly different to that required to help treat other illnesses, yet this does not change the fact that this form of care is equally as valuable and equally as necessary. Without it dementia suffers will struggle to carry out necessary day-to-day activities. Dealing with the illness is worry enough, suffers should not have fret over financing their struggle.

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