Scrap Intentionally homeless decisions

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Familys who are found Intentionally Homeless is a recurring thing happening every day with councils using this to an advantage.  A easy way out of not having to help familys with children  left in B&B Accommodations. For seven or longer  months while councils ending there duty to help after completing homeless  cases which should be done with a 33 day limit.

Familys sharing beds, children missing out on Education B&B Accommodations in disrepair damp, Freezing cold rooms and  no cooking facilities some have to share bathrooms children upset on a daily basis crying, really stressed children.children make new friends in temporary accommodation then loose friends as familys come and go 

I am a person who has been going through the same as other familys as to me starting this petition, as the same as other familys who are in the same situation.  I really want to try to put an end to this mess and the corrupt councils that do not listen do not want to help familys with children and leave them Homeless. Please sign the petition we really need to get this turned around familys need more help and support from councils to secure a permanent solution and not just leave familys vunrable and homeless .

 Please sign as this is outdated and wrong on many levels. Intentionally homeless. Means if you don’t have enough money to pay mortgage prices, private landlords. If you leave amicably and not drag it through the courts and stressing your private landlord. You are then classed as intentionally homeless. I have never heard of such a ridiculous law. Please help us make a change there are over 40,000 families in London alone. Homeless this Christmas. Please sign