Say no to new British passports being made by Franco-Dutch firm

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The old-style, pre-European British passport was always a great source of pride to anyone who held one and as well as being a symbol of Britain and everything it stands for, including democracy, the rights of others, respect for all, a spirit of independence, innovation and invention. When a replacement was imposed upon us by the EU, many were genuinely dismayed. That is why a return to our unique and distinctive, old-style passport means so much to the many people who voted for a return to control over our own affairs, including law-making, rights and sovereignty. To have our passports made by a foreign organisation simply flies in the face of what the spirit of Brexit is all about. It has nothing to do with ant-foreigners, anti-Europe or any other anti. No Brexiteer would have agreed to handing this contract to a foreign firm - clearly the decision came from Remainers, determined to cling to the notion that we are inextricably linked to Europe one way or another.

A British passport symbolises many things, not least of all Britishness with our extraordinary history, compassion, inventiveness, and a people who have long stood out as a beacon of what is just and right to countries around the world. It's great to have our old passport back - let's make it even greater by having it made by a British firm.