Say NO to a Second Referendum on BREXIT

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In response to The Independents bias and one-sided campaign on BREXIT, we need to have a balanced look at whether a 2nd Referendum is a good idea when the 1st one has not yet been put into place.

A clear majority of the UK voted to Leave the UK, Article 50 stipulated a two-year countdown and we are in that process.  Junker has suggested we are 90% done on any deal-making with just 10% left to negotiate.

Yes - there are debates to be fought and argued about, yes there are consultations to be had, but the people voted and the last thing we should be doing now is betraying those people.

A Brexiteer may look like they fear losing a 2nd referendum, but actually, a 2nd referendum undermines the whole process of democracy.  The current plan to offer a third option to the question also raises questions - No Deal, The Deal or Remain in the EU.

Then we have to consider the damage created by a 2nd Referendum, it is unlikely the EU will return us to the status we were in before, it could cost more, mean accepting the Euro and so on.

Equally, a larger vote to Leave may mean less integration with the EU afterwards and a harder Brexit.  The disadvantages of a 2nd Referendum have to outweigh the advantages however well meaning.

If you respect democracy and want to live in a true (as possible) democracy then you should sign this petition and ensure that no 2nd Referendum is considered at least until after Great Britain has left the EU.