Save Wafa from deportation

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Wafa is a young afghan refugee who has lived in the uk since 2014, his only known living relative is his brother who was granted asylum in the UK years ago. After waiting nearly 4 years the government have rejected his asylum claim and told him Afghanistan is “now safe”.

This is blatantly not true!

Wafa’s father was killed by the Taliban and his mother died not long after when he was too young to remember them and he was taken into hiding in the countryside by his uncle until enough money could be raised to send him here to be safe to live and study. He’s never heard from his uncle again and his only family is here.

He studies hard at college, is the top of his class and dreams to one day work in a garage with the cars he loves. He volunteers for the Red Cross and his youth centre plus helps his case worker with translations and taking new refugees to appointments.

He loves to draw, write poetry and walk the dogs with me in the allotments. He speaks 5 languages, he cried when my dog was sick, he loves the London eye, he can’t cook and forgets to turn lights off, he would give you the shoes off his feet if you asked him (Someone has, and he actually gave them his shoes!). He is a sweet, gentle and incredibly trusting young guy. Most of all, he's HUMAN. He is in every way a kind, intelligent and wonderful person and the British government is trying to send him to his death in Afghanistan.

Please support his right to remain.

Please tweet.

Please post on Facebook.

Please contact your local news outlets.

Please contact your MPs.

If we can make this treatment public, they might be willing to let him stay, but we need your help. Please sign this petition to #SaveWafa


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