Sack MP Christopher Chope

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Holly Lill
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This petition has been put in place to have the MP Sir Christopher Chope removed from office. The reason being that over his many terms he has continually blocked Bills of such importance that anyone with an ounce of common sense would never even think of blocking them. He says he blocks them so they can be "debated" but what is there to debate? This latest Bill being blocked is regarding FGM. This is not a small or insignificant Bill: this Bill is immensely important as it effects many young girls and women and will continue to do so until we can put in measures to stop it before it starts. And this antiquated dinosaur seems to be lacking in morals, decency, common sense and to be trapped in the values and politics of the 1950s. Remember: this Bill being blocked doesn't just effect you but it'll effect many generations of women and young girls to come, young girls like your sisters, nieces, cousins and friends and with this ancient MP in power it makes it just that much harder for them to pass easily and smoothly like they should.