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Sack Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary

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Boris Johnson, Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary and Britain's premier representative abroad, is a national embarrassment. A proven liar (cf. his entire journalistic career, claims over the benefits of Brexit) who routinely insults foreign nations through sheer ignorance (reciting colonial poetry in Burma) or juvenile oneupmanship (telling Italy they need to be nice to us or we'll stop buying their prosecco), he has now condemned a British citizen to five extra years in an Iranian jail through one moment of uninformed thoughtlessness.

He was once quite funny on Have I Got News For You. How he has been allowed to translate this one night of success into an appointment to one of the great offices of state is the comic fable of our age, a story of self-promotion, disingenuous posturing and mass gullibility. Too long has the Conservative party been in thrall to Johnson's undoubted charisma and ability to quote Cicero. But please, Mrs May, look around you at the trail of chaos this clown-haired egomaniac is leaving behind him.

Despite Johnson's obvious efforts to emulate our great wartime prime minister, he is to Churchill as Brendan O'Carroll is to an Irish single mother. He really isn't as clever as he thinks he is - honestly, can you look at his performance in front of the foreign affairs select comittee on 1st November 2017 and tell me he knows what he's doing?  His blabber-mouthed stupidity is destroying your government's credibility and Britain's reputation just as Brexit makes it vital that our finest ambassadors cement our international friendships. Now, he is also endangering the lives of British citizens. You can help Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe by making Boris Johnson face up to his responsibilities during a long mournful stint on the back benches.

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