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Round up your retail purchases and donate to fund the NHS

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The NHS needs constant funding. We know that. Here is a simple solution that is sustainable and fair.

When people go into a shop/petrol station and pay with a card/contactless - there could be the very simple option to 'round up for the NHS'. If everyone had the option to do this when they were paying for goods the NHS would survive and would be saved by the generosity of the British people.

For example - you pay £5.95 or £1.99 for something in the shop - you are given the option at the desk to 'round up' and 5 or 1 pence extra goes DIRECTLY to the NHS. Now imagine that this happening every day on the following statistics...

There are currently 65 million people living in the UK. There are (according to Retail forecast 2018) 220,000 shops in the UK. Plus petrol stations and other places you can pay - let's say appox 300,00 possible 'till' sites in the UK. Imagine if nearly 65 million people were offering on average 5p 'round up' a week, a month, a year for 50 years...IT CAN BE DONE.

Infrastructure is so advanced that this must be possible. I know it is possible because I was recently asked in my local garden centre if I wanted to 'round up for Air Ambulance services. Of course I did. What's 2p extra? This is when the idea struck me. I'm not a genius, I'm a husband and father who has had 3 beautiful kids and a wife that has had 3 heart operations - all through the NHS. The NHS can be saved by the people. Not through taxes but through voluntary 'round up' donations.

Thatcher (!) once said "Pennies do not come from heaven. They are earned here on earth" and she is right...they are earned here on earth and it is the people on earth (UK) that could put those pennies straight in the bank account of the NHS!

Thanks for signing. Fingers crossed!


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