Review and reform UK law and prison sentences.

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It seems in some legal cases the criminal gets more thought than the victim or the law abiding public in general. Its time for this to change so I am calling on our prime minister to go to the houses of parliament and urge all MP's to vote for an immediate review and reform of UK law and sentencing! John Worboy's only serving 8 years, Jon Venable's recalled to prison not once but twice and now we're told Paul Worthington has faced no charges even though a coroner has said he sexually assaulted his 13 month old daughter! These are just 3 examples of vile predators who deserve severe punishment that current UK law cannot provide - it's time for change! Stalking Escalating to murder yet the police having little power to tackle the stalking. Sentences less than a year? What good is that when there is a good behaviour clause in prison? Good behaviour keeps you out of prison in the first place! It's time our government toughened up our laws and made our prisons somewhere knowone would ever want to end up living! We need a legal system worthy of respect that clearly defines that crime does not pay! The recent surge in acid and knife attacks will have no end if a permanent change isn't made to modernise our legal system and toughen our stance! 

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