Trump reunite families or NO UK TRUMP VISIT!

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Donald Trump has split up 2300+ migrant children from their parents in an attempt to use them as political pawns in a power game over immigration in the USA.

He has now ended the practice but there are no provisions in place to reunite those already affected. As things stand large numbers of those children may never see their parents again.

Theresa May has described the policy as “deeply disturbing” and “wrong”, but defended her decision to receive the US president in Britain next month.

Questioned about the images of children held in cages, and audio of crying toddlers separated from their parents by US border officials, May went further in her criticisms than previously, and indicated she would raise her concerns with Trump.

 This is not enough! Trump’s behaviour, backed by his administration and the Republican Party, has put the health and wellbeing of 2300+ children in jeopardy. His actions constitute a flagrant human rights abuse.

 As things stand, he does not deserve the legitimacy that a visit to the UK would provide, including an audience with the Queen.

 He should be told by Theresa May that unless he immediately puts provisions in place that will reunite ALL of those children with their parents, he is not welcome in this country as he has not demonstrated that he is an international partner to be trusted on issues of human rights.

 These provisions should be at the expense of the US Government, and with the full co-operation and pro-activity of Government Departments,

If UK Government ministers use this visit to discuss trade and mutual co-operation, when this flagrant abuse of human rights has not been resolved, they themselves become apologists and collaborators. 

Theresa May, please tell Donald Trump if he does not agree to clear up the mess he has created, the visit will be cancelled.



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