Respect the Brexit Vote

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On June 23, 2016 the voting masses of the United Kingdom made their voices heard. Resoundingly, we voted to leave the failed experiment known as the European Union, and to take back our sovereignty. It was clear Britons wanted control over the NHS, control over our borders, control over how we engage in trade, dictated on our terms. Yet, MPs of Westminster's Ivory Tower continue to play political games with our future.

We must leave, without hesitation. It is only through leaving that we might negotiate clear and open access to favourable markets, unhindered by mass regulation. It is only through leaving that we have a say on how Britons are allowed to travel abroad, and vice versa. It is only through leaving that we can finally dictate how our hard earned tax dollars are spent within the NHS.

Make no mistake, we must leave, for it is the only way the United Kingdom shall thrive. This decision is far too complicated and complex for politicians to understand, but we the British peoples see clearly what must be done.

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