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Rescind the DUP deal

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In the 2017 general election, the people of the United Kingdom did not elect a majority government. The Conservative Party therefore does not represent the wishes of the British people. Theresa May is giving £1.5billion of  British tax-payers’ money to the DUP in exchange for their support in parliament. There is no demonstrable benefit to the British people of this arrangement. Furthermore, the population has not consented to this action. We the undersigned demand that the Conservative Party carry out the following:

  1. Rescind the deal with the DUP;
  2. Reinvest the £1.5billion into services which will support the entire United Kingdom, not just the whims of a tiny minority party;
  3. Respect the democratic will of the people of Britain by seeking the consent of the country to form a government through our established democratic process. This means asking the people once again through a vote whom they wish to lead the country, not making under-the-table deals with third parties.

Our democratic rights are some of the most important and fundamental rights we have. Our right to choose, as a country, who leads us is paramount to this process. Theresa May must not be allowed to circumvent our rights and democracy for her personal gain. Please, sign this petition to persuade the Conservative Party to respect the people of Britain, our rights, and our democracy.

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