Rescind Donald Trump's invitation for a state visit to the UK

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Donald Trump’s outrageous press conference on Tuesday confirmed what most of us had already assumed - he’s a racist who, as white-supremacist-in-chief, only cares about representing his deeply anti-Semitic, Islamaphobic, and anti-black core base of supporters.

Trump proclaimed that there were “many fine people” protesting in Charlottesville the night before a woman was sadly murdered by a domestic terrorist. The people he described as "fine" were holding tiki torches to intentionally resemble the KKK, and shouting: “The Jews will not replace us.”

He went on to show his support for the statues of Confederate leaders - people who committed treason by fighting against the United States to defend their right to keep black people in chains. Unsurprisingly, Nigel Farage agreed with him on the matter, arguing “we must not rewrite American history to suit the hard left.”

To President Trump, Nigel Farage, and all his other sympathisers, we ask: Why is it acceptable for black students to walk into a campus named after a man who oppressed their ancestors? Why should black infants have to look up to the statue of a man who was comfortable with the abuse - including rape - of their relatives?

In the same way we wouldn’t accept a German school being named after Joseph Goebbels or a a statue of Hitler going up (which is outlawed in Germany), we shouldn’t tolerate the idolising of Confederate generals via public statues and buildings.

The President went on to blame “two sides” for last weekend’s gruesome events, drawing a moral equivalency between fascist neo-Nazis and the protestors who stood up to defy the exact ideology American and British troops died fighting against.

To that, we say: No, Mr. President, there is no shared blame. Anyone who went out to stand up to the Nazis in Charlottesville wasn’t an agitator, but a real American patriot.

Prime Minister Theresa May was the first world leader to meet President Trump after he took the oath of office, in a strategic push to further align post-Brexit Britain with Trump’s America. By signing this petition, we urge the Prime Minister to rethink that decision following recent events, with the first step being to rescind his invitation for a full State visit to the United Kingdom.

Out of respect for the brave British soldiers who died fighting the Nazis; the Mayor of London who was attacked because of his Islamic faith; the three million Muslims living in the UK; the disabled; Jews; women and so many other groups that Trump has attacked over the last two years, we urge Prime Minister Theresa May to finally do the right thing.

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